Time is to blame.
Nothing stays the same.
Time changes, people change
Love changes, hearts change

Days are stolen of the brightness
My soul wanders, aimless.
Nights have darkened all the more
Flooded is the river shore.

The world around me,
that I trust blindly.
Oh! It’s not the same.
Friends now ask me my name.

What else I am to witness in this fall?
The tenderness in their voice is too small.
That caring glimpse, I miss the most of all,
To soothe me with that sharp voice, whom should I call?

The doors have been shut now,
I still could walk past it somehow.
Was it because nothing ever changed.
Or was I a victim too easily fooled?

All I know is, change is veritable.
A Change changes the change is quite able.
The sharp voice is a beautiful agony.
And the tenderness was too eerie.

Seasons come and go,
All that I do know.
Amidst all that’s wrong,
I still wish I would be happy lifelong.