Day 13. If you’d go by mythology, they would call it an unlucky day. For me, Lucky or Unlucky? I am not certain about it. I am just happy floating with all that is happening around me.

Each  of my friend congratulates me for the position  I recieved ’13 days’ ago. That might seem something to be too happy about. And, I am happy with my life, myself. I just feel happiness. Though as far as the ‘position’ is concerned; an inside story has so much to piss me off or maybe more appropriately trouble me up. Stress and worries have definitely been incarcerated into my daily routine. Handling those things is going to be a great deal of learning process for me.

Of all the things, I am to endure through this session; the toughest part would certainly be handling the interpersonal relations with my colleagues.

The kinds of people I would have to deal with.

  • Some people are pretentious. And, so I have to be careful and thoughtful enough before I present the final verdict of my decisions.
  • Some people are hypocrites or more appropriately just crappy, who would irritate you for no reason and keep blabbering forever. I have to be convincing here so that he/she doesn’t bug me up further after the conversation/meeting. But, even if he/she does, I have to be patient enough to hear all he/she has to say. Or probably, I can ask the person to drop an email to me, which I could read peacefully and then bring it up in the team meeting.
  • Some people are domineering and have a superiority complex. I probably can let this set of people live in their own world of majesty. And, as far as work would be concerned, they would always be welcome to pitch in their ideas. But, the final verdict would be based upon the team decision. So in terms of work, nobody dominates. 😀
  •  And then there is a set of people who would want to put you down in front of others, provoke people to oppose you. For them, I have to be myself. Be the person I am. I don’t need to depreciate their presence in the organization. Rather, my work ought to be good enough, so that it may be appreciated universally.

I have to keep this thing in mind that my colleagues would feel utterly bad if I happen to disregard any of their ideas. At the same time, my ideas may not always appeal to them. Conflicts (Personal/Professional) – A usual phenomenon in any organisation. It has been ’13 days’ now, since when I ‘officially’ received that position. And, there had been too many occasions when those clashes took the main stage. But, thankfully I could get past them. Taking suggestions from the entire team worked out quite well. Democracy. The one standing in minority surrenders his/her impractical plans. Till now, this approach has worked for me. And, the best part with it is that at the end of day, everybody in the team is happy working. Be it the person standing in minority.
So, I consider my job well done. Everybody is working. And, everybody is working happily and passionately.

In the time to come, I might be a victim of certain unforeseen and unfavorable circumstances. Yes, I am prepared for those. The managerial front would pose troubles too. Not everything works out as planned always. Troubles do crop up. At that point of time, I alone would be held responsible if eventually something goes wrong. But, if everything works perfect and fine, it would be termed as a team effort. I am well aware of these things. And I am prepared to face them too.
I guess planning out things with a broader perspective would help me escape maximum of managerial issues. Elucidating each and every thing to my juniors would be required; because at the end of day, they are the executers. I am here to monitor things. They need to be aware of the potential pitfalls. I’ll have to do this. Regular meetings and good networking are a must for smooth functioning of the system.

Marketing.  Convince people to come and join you. Making them realize that this is something worth investing time and money upon. For this at the first place, the entire team has to realize the value of the product. Since otherwise they would be doing mere flop shows.  Preaching them about the product is indispensably my key role.

Keeping the entire team in the whole loop of things is another challenge for me. Again, regular meetings and good networking would serve me this purpose. Amidst all this, I have to maintain a cordial relationship with all my colleagues.

I sincerely hope the session would be a good learning experience for me and my team. Amen.