I was gazing at the moon, when my watch showed me eleven.
I was looking peacefully, while my eyes were in search of heaven.
The moon, the stars looked bright, because it was one beautiful night.
And perhaps that was the reason, that such peaceful appeared the sight.

I was rambling of my shortcomings to a friend, when it was 15 minutes past eleven.
I was talking hopelessly and peacefully at the same time, just in search of heaven.
The dark night and the dull moon together appeared so bright.
In the silent night, I was admiring the beauty of the sight.

With a very heavy heart, I finally left that beautiful dull place.
Because in search of heaven, I had to get things done after all, in an admirable grace.
The eerie problems that had endowed me made me feel as if I had to bake.
Nonetheless, that was the reality and into that quagmire of life, I had to fake.
To my greatest agony, those perpetual troubles had made my soul shake.

But then, I resolved to make this happen, in search of the mighty heaven.
And with that I shuffled here and there in a night that was as black as a raven.
And believe me, it wasn’t an easy thing to hold on to all that perseverance till the end.
I felt lost and disoriented in several ways, but I had to do something to change that trend.
And henceforth I had to keep myself going for the better and make those required amends.

Eventually as the time passed, it turned out to be twelve from eleven.
And I was still lost in my train of thoughts, just in search of heaven.
Needless to say, the dull moon and the bright night were the same
and nothing ever caused them to lose even a bit of their fame.
As for me, I finally slept in search of a dream where it was heaven.