Good for nothing. This feeling is too hard to handle.

You had been laboring meticulously to get certain things done with perfection. And, the result is a whining smile from your ancient hostile friend- the failure. That smile is too hard to handle.

images (1)The worst thing about the ‘too hard to handle’ situations is that you begin to find faults with almost everything. Being perturbed about the consequences of this atrocious situation is natural, but yet analyzing the situation rationally is indispensable to find out the real culprits of your hard felt situation. It seems to be the most intricate task, since everything and everyone sends you oodles of pessimism. Being able to see the glass half-filled is the utmost challenge. And, this is among the most important things that the unfavorable circumstances promise to teach you.

Indisputably, enduring the appallingly troubled up times give you the strength to look into the venom nous eyes of failure and resolve to make things better for your own self. Your otherwise smooth life gets a jerk and you are on a scary and perilous roller coaster ride. And, this is too much of adventure promising you an invincible learning experience.

At certain times, it is the ‘Hard Luck’ that steals away all the fame from you. True it is. Feeling helpless and dejected is quite obvious under such (seemingly) adverse circumstances. The key is to have faith and never lose hope. Yes, this is easily said than done; but at the end of the day you’d be applauded for an eventual success story rather than pitied upon failure stories. And, the most necessary thing to achieve success is to have faith. Have faith upon the fact that the bad things are always accompanied by the better things. Being optimistic and making your deeds better help you become a better person. And, this is what every being on this planet strives for.

Generically speaking, humans have this tendency to complain and play the age old blame game. You may overlook your own mistakes and rather blame this person and that person or may be your luck. But, that one mistake, that one mistake of yours has perhaps gifted to you this ironically exquisite situation. The question is who dared to commit that charitable mistake?
This question is too hard to answer. But, life is all about learning, learning to become better. Indeed, it disturbed your otherwise velvety life and you went through numerous problems while you were incarcerated by that one mistake. But, once all your faults and mistakes have met the realization; one thing you can be sure of is that you won’t dare to fall in that same trap ever again in your life. And, this is something to be cheerful about.

Eliminating the ‘too hard to handle’ situations from your life demands a prior encounter with them, as they say, ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Just keep your calm. Have faith. Don’t lose hope. And, the world is all yours.