I would say last 5-6 months have been a poignant affair for me. The daunting fear of failure, too much of academic related stress, homely responsibilities and to add to it, like the cherry on a cake, loss of the few good friends I had.

In times like these, the only option is to keep going. And you crave for every motivational thing that could help you keep going so that you may let go off the pessimism.

No matter what, every single time, you need to get up, dress up and show up. There comes a time in your life when have to get things done all by yourself. And you need to make sure that you get it done right, because there would be no body to save your ass if you screw up. You have to be strong enough to establish your cause and, thereby, implement your solutions. You have to take that step.

You just need to portray, to the world, a stronger picture of yourself. A more mature and adult version of you, because that is really what adulthood is about. Nobody is really an adult, but all men pretend it. The better you pretend, the more mature you are. You are not a coward. You are a strong independent adult. And let people know of this fact. MAKE THEM BELIEVE THAT IF THEY SLAP YOU, YOU’D PUNCH THEM HARDER AND STRONGER. Not because you actually would/can do that, but only because you don’t want people to hurt you or take advantage of you in any form.

You don’t have to depend on people, because people leave all the time. You are all by yourself and you should be needing only yourself for everything. You, alone, should be controlling your life and taking the charge of your happiness.

And, so, reveal your secrets to no one. Because if you have your secrets intact, you can be who you want, whenever you want. You get to control your life. But if someone knows your secrets, you, sure as hell, are trapped.  You don’t get to be who you want to be and also people ditch and judge all the time.

And only today, I was chatting with a few friends, recalling the time when we all were carefree kids and how we used to fight each other like cats and dogs. But it was always so easy to forget all of that and do that ‘abba’ once again and be the perfect best friends again. Forgetting was so easy then. And so was getting back together.

Well! Adulthood is about pretending that all of it is still as easy, but it never would be. Adulthood is about understanding your responsibilities and reflecting upon the fact that you’ll have to pay off for every single action, if it goes wrong.

Growing up is a task. A tough one.