Yesterday I looked into your eyes (willingly). I just could not hold them up there, but just hardly five seconds. Something triggered my soul and I just started looking down. Out of respect. Admiration. Or maybe it was the rampant blushing. Something did. Something just involuntarily made me look down. I could feel it flow through my entire body. My heart escalated way too fast. My toes curled, perhaps to hold me upright. I could feel my hands shivering as an innocent smile had been put up on my face, all in the name of your admiration.

A chill went down me when you broke the beautiful silence with your deep, velvety and yet lovingly warm voice. A soft voice that whispered kindness and sweet promises. I admire you. I want to be like you, for you, because you are the best. You make me a better person all the time. I could feel our love through my veins wanting me to take the best care of you, to absorb all your worries into me and to unfurl upon you all the happiness from the world. I simply want to make you feel loved and special. As I regained my senses from admiring you, you went on telling me about all those moments when I wasn’t with you; your griefs, your moments of rejoice and simply sharing your life with me. I love it when you do that. It is like a canvas being painted. A kaleidoscope being rolled out to display the most exquisite patterns. All of a sudden, you gave me that coquettish look. And I almost died. Woah! Whenever you do that I splatter into infinite pieces and yet I want you to do that to me again and again. For forever. I could feel myself blush from all types of emotions burning through my skin. Emotions that wanted me to scream all my worries and fears so that they have no way of coming back to me, for I had you and there was nothing more I could have wanted.

Just by the mention of our love being spoken in your sweet tone my heart stops pumping momentarily. It indeed takes my breath away and renders me mesmerized, captivated in your admiration. There is something magical that you do to me. And that is when I know the answer to, ‘Why didn’t it work out with anyone else?’