‘Living for each other.’

This impulsive idea has been shoved into our eyes by the fantasy fairy tales, Bollywood and the likes. Right from our childhood, we are brought up like we are made to live for each other. The society we live in talks about ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’.

But, a deeper look into the things would make you realize that at the end of the day, you stand alone. No matter, how good or bad your deeds may be you are the only person held responsible for them. Indeed, every then and now people will backstab you, betray you and make every effort to put you down. Quite often people are secretive, liars, mean, ignorant and self-obsessed. Yes, each one of you might be able to recall the existence of such people in your lives. Then, why do we promote a ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’, when in the long run, you are all by yourself ?

The answer is indeed plain and simple. You need somebody, who would listen to your sorrows. You need somebody to stand by you and act like a support in your bad times. You need somebody to celebrate with when you’re cheerful and full of life. You need somebody to keep motivating you. You need somebody to party with. You need somebody to laugh with. You need somebody to talk nonsense with. And, then you need somebody to insult you. You need somebody to challenge you. You need somebody who wouldn’t help you, when you’d be needy. You need somebody to discourage you. You need somebody to test your patience. Each soul has its own significance and purpose. Some make you feel lively and happy, while some would set you in an ambiance full of pessimism, but then everybody has been assigned their own purpose. And, absence of any one of them might just make your life miserable, good for nothing or may be dull. So you need people around yourself, to act like a support or may be to make you go through hell. Being able to survive in a society that endorses the ‘ME’ culture is out of question. And, thus such a society ceases to exist.

Now, the question that might strike your mind is why you would need a person who makes you go through hell? Well, we all dream of a peaceful and happy life, debarred from pain and anguish, and apparently we wouldn’t want such people in our lives. But, a deeper analysis and a more rational approach may tell you that to be able to learn certain values and wisdom, you need people who discourage you or make you feel bad about yourself. Until and unless you have somebody to disregard your abilities, you wouldn’t be able to work up on them and make them better. At certain point of times, people wouldn’t step forward to help you; that is the time you reassemble all your strength to help your own self. Such circumstances indisputably endow you with a sense of pride and self-confidence. So you need somebody who wouldn’t help you, because you need to learn to help your own self. You need somebody to backstab you, so as to make you an invulnerable and indeed a stronger person. Thus, people around you, friends or enemies help you elicit your abilities and aid you in becoming a better person every single day. Henceforth, living with an idea of ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’ has been impeccably manifested into our lives and minds.

At the same time, I’d like to make a point that life is transient, people come and go. You would agree with this that once you get into college or job, you seldom talk to your high school friends. Your life then begins to revolve about new friends, new responsibilities and so on. This doesn’t imply that you or may be your high school friends are being self-centered. It is all about adapting to the change and accordingly placing your priorities and just comprehending the fact that we all humans are slaves of nature and our designated tasks. You are simply bound by responsibilities and then you aren’t able to interact with your older friends as frequently as earlier. But, imagine you meet one of your very best friends from your high school while travelling back from work. You would wave at her, share words of affection and ask about each others’ well being. Yes, you would. Thus, signifying that love never dies, nor does friendship. Though with time, people around us change, we still are revolving with the idea of ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’.

We must acknowledge the fact that we live like ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’ and therefore we must surpass our ego and splatter love and affection all around us. Life is short, they say. Embrace it with happy moments by living with and for one another.