Only today morning, a few of us were having this little chat and someone asked, what did each one of us feel about the New Year’s eve? While some said New Year’s eve is a day to celebrate and start off the new year cheerfully, some others said it is nothing more than just a routinely affair, comes up every other year. I, on the other hand, couldn’t assimilate my thoughts to provide an objective answer. New Year’s Eve, to me, is a day of both nostalgia and hope. Nostalgia of all the good and bad things that happened in the past 364/365 days and at the same time there are a lot of hopes. Hopes to make the new year better.

2014. Well! I would never be able to forget this particular year, partly because this year forms the greater half of my last year in college. If I were to recall the last 364 days of my life, I’d say there had been moments when it seemed like everything is just perfect and almost everything fell into the exact right place, effortlessly. But then there had been moments when even after all my hard work and dedication, I could only accomplish a whining smile from the ancient hostile friend- the failure.

Throughout the year, there had been people who created a negative aura around me by continuously and repeatedly hurting me, when I least expected it from them. (Expectations can, indeed, do a lot of damage.) And, in fact, I too had hurt a lot of people in this year. I had fought with people. And sometimes, even after all that, things again fell into the right place but then sometimes things remained shattered. Nevertheless, there had also been some amazing people in my life who were always there for me under all circumstances to back me up when I was weak and, well, enjoy with me when I was on my peak. 😛 In this year, I had also had the chance to connect with a lot of old friends from school, tuition, coaching etc. and chatting with them, after so long, had always been a heart-warming experience as we reminisced those good old times when life was too simple. Back then, it was so easy to not fiddle upon frivolous things, forget them and get back together.

I had also read lot of stuff in this year. Blogs. Novels. Short stories. There was this very short novel, “Who moved my Cheese?” and I absolutely loved it. It talks about four typical reactions to a change by two mice and two little people during their hunt for cheese. If you’re reading this, I suggest you to look out for the novel too. Apart from reading, I had also been writing a lot of stuff. Poems. Articles. Everything. I made one another blog and had been posting on it every single day, unfailingly, since the past 53 days.

I have done a lot of different or may be weird things in this year. (This post might be just one of them. :P) I have also met a lot of people in this year. And needless to say, I have also learnt a lot of things this year. A very wise friend of mine once told me, “The only objective of life is to be happy. You should be happy because you should be and not because you have to show it to people that you’re happy.” And well, that is what everything boils down to. Personal happiness and satisfaction. We must take charge of our happiness. Get rid of all the things that have the potential to make us, unnecessarily, sad. You, and only you, should be able to control your happiness and hence your life, because life is all about being happy.

All in all, it was a great year, the one I’d never forget. At the end, I would like to thank all the amazing people who were a part of my past 364 days. I look forward to keeping in touch with you, meeting many more amazing people in 2015 and making 2015 only happier.

I wish you all a very happy new year. May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead. Cheers. !! 🙂